HTML Minifier (v4.0.0) - Free online tool to Minify HTML

HTML Minifier (v4.0.0) - Free online tool to Minify HTML

Best HTML Minifier To Minify & Compress HTML Files | SEOMagnifier

Case-sensitiveTreat traits in the event that delicate way (helpful for custom HTML tags)Collapse boolean attributesOmit quality qualities from boolean attributesCollapse inline tag whitespaceDon't leave any spaces between display:inline; components while falling. Must be utilized related to collapseWhitespace=trueCollapse whitespaceCollapse void area that adds to content hubs in an archive treeConservative collapseAlways breakdown to 1 space (never evacuate it). Must be utilized related to collapseWhitespace=trueDecode Entity CharactersUse direct Unicode characters at whatever point possibleHTML5Parse contribution as per HTML5 specificationsInclude auto-produced tagsInsert labels created by HTML parserKeep shutting slashKeep the trailing slice on singleton elementsMax. line length 

Indicate a most extreme line length. Compacted yield will be part by newlines at substantial HTML split-pointsMinify CSSMinify CSS in style components and style properties (utilizes clean-css)Minify JavaScriptMinify JavaScript in content components and occasion traits (utilizes UglifyJS)Minify URLs 

Minify URLs in different qualities (utilizes relateurl)Preserve line-breaksAlways breakdown to 1 line break (never expel it) when whitespace between labels incorporate a line break. Must be utilized related to collapseWhitespace=truePrevent properties escapingPrevents the getting away of the estimations of attributesProcess contingent commentsProcess substance of restrictive remarks through minifierProcess contents 


Comma-delimited string comparing to kinds of content components to process through minifier (for example content/ng-format, content/x-handlebars-template)Quote character 

Sort of statement to use for property estimations (' or ")Remove trait quotesRemove cites around properties when possibleRemove commentsStrip HTML commentsRemove void qualities expel all characteristics with whitespace-just valuesRemove void elementsRemove all components with void contentsRemove discretionary tagsRemove excess attributesRemove traits when worth matches default.Remove content sort attributesRemove type="text/javascript" from content labels. Other sort trait esteems are left intactRemove style connect type attributesRemove type="text/css" from style and connection labels. Other sort trait esteems are left intactRemove tag whitespaceRemove space between characteristics at whatever point conceivable. Note that this will bring about invalid HTML!Sort attributesSort properties by frequencySort class nameSort style classes by frequencyTrim blank area around custom fragmentsTrim void area around ignoreCustomFragments.Use short doctypeReplaces the doctype with the short (HTML5) doctype

Minify HTML and any CSS or JS included in your markup

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