Open source code of AI assistant, Jarvis

This is a Python project of making JARVIS. This is a project file of AI name, MB. 

Open source code of assistant, Jarvis

What is JARVIS -
Jarvis is a Python coding companion. Point it to a python function, and it will execute it. As soon as you change and save your code, Jarvis will detect it and will rerun the function. If an exception is raised, it will be displayed in the error panel.

What does it do - 
Jarvis is an AI system Zuckerberg has built to control his home and perform basic tasks, such as turning the lights off or on, control a particular room's temperature, playing music, opening doors, and so on.

What Jarvis stands for - 
Just A Rather Very Intelligent System
In Peter David's novelization of Iron Man, J.A.R.V.I.S. is said to be an acronym for "Just A Rather Very Intelligent System".

And the following files are there requirements to make this AI

Its has several features like -

Face recognition 
QR Scanner
Youtube Player and more...

This script is written in Python language

Requirements to run this script - 

JARVIS Requirements - click here

Other features require the following requirements - 

Face recognition  - OpenCV

QR Scanner - pyzbar

Youtube player - bs4

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