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# Markdoctor - A simple online Markdown to Asciidoctor converter ![](images/logo.svg) See demo [here]( This is a simple online tool to convert Markdown documents into their rough equivalents in [Asciidoctor]( syntax. A live preview shows the results of both the rendered source and output side by side so that they can be easily compared. ## Features The following Markdown features are supported in addition to many others that are already supported by Asciidoctor by default: Syntax | Examples ------ | -------- horizontal rules | `***`, `---`, `___` bold text | `**bold**` italic text | `_italic_`, `*italic*` bold and italic text | `**_bold and italic text_**` headings (up to level 6) | `## Heading 2` images | `![](image.png)` image text | `![Image text](image.png)` image links | `[![Image text](image.png)](` links | ``, `[Example](`, `[FTP](` relative links | `[directory structure](../structure)` unordered lists | `* bullet point`, `- bullet point` ordered lists | `1. numbered item`, `2. numbered item` nested lists (up to level 5) | ` * nested list item`, ` 1. nested numbered item` tables | _e.g., this one_ ## See also * [Kramdown AsciiDoc]( - A Kramdown extension for converting Markdown documents to AsciiDoc (in Ruby) ## Acknowledgements * Markdown preview: [Marked.js]( * Asciidoctor preview: [Asciidoctor.js]( * CSS: [Concise CSS]( * Prototyped using [dropin-minimal-css]( * [AsciiDoc language features as they compare to Markdown]( on the Asciidoctor site provided a useful reference for this converter * [github-corners]( by @tholman * [Asciidoctor logo]( * [Markdown logo]( ## License MIT.

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