Tiny Tools - Compare columns, Elements of a in b, Sort columns, Sum columns, Compare prices, Number generator , Units

 Tiny tools

A collection of small JavaScript tools for performing common tasks in the browser.

Data columns

These tools are for working with data in columns: comparing, sorting, summing, and extracting elements from them.

Compare columns - Quickly compare data across separate columns

Elements of a in b - Find matching strings in two columns using regex

Sort columns - Sort, uniq, reverse, and randomize data

Sum columns - Quickly sum all values in a column

Numbers & units

Tools for working with numbers, units, and currency: generating, converting, and comparing.

Compare prices - Shopping helper

Currency conversion - Generate lists of common unit conversions in a variety of currencies

Number generator - Generate an arbitrarily-long list of sequential numbers

Units - A small portable unit converter


All the tools are released under the MIT license. The Milligram theme is by CJ Patoilo.

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