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PYC Discord Server is Specially Made for promoting your Content for FREE

This is a server where you can post your RP servers and get more members to join. Don't matter if your new, good, old join and spread your server.

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In our Discord Server, you can Promote your content of any platform like - Youtube, Twitter, Discord Servers

Features - 

  1. Special Topic Channel made for promoting 
  2. Supports all platforms like - Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc
  3. Have 4 for 4 feature 
  4. Supports - sub 4 sub, like 4 like join 4 join
  5. Supports Paid Advertising 
  6. Also supports Partnership with other servers
  7. Simple and Easy to use 
  8. Simple Rules made just to protect you 
  9. Friendly staffs
  10. Always active chats
  11. Active giveaways
  12. Friendly and active community
  13. And Much More

Full-Form of PYC - Promoting your content 

Be the part of our fastest growing promoter server and promote your content 

Chat Room – UserNext

Rules -

1. Any form of discrimination, disrespect, and/or racism will not be tolerated. Be respectful and kind to one another. Now, this doesn't mean you can't meme with your friends, it's not disrespecting if it's the banter between mates. However, flaming new people in the server to impress your friends is cringe and a violation of this first and most important rule. Instant-ban.

2. Keep your names taggable. Do not have NSFW/toxic names.

3. Do not bring drama from other servers into the server. Keep ur cancel culture elsewhere, bring the cancel culture into this discord and YOU'LL b canceled. Insta-ban, no warning.

4. Keep channels related to their topic titles (read descriptions at the top if you’re still unsure). Staff members will delete messages as they see fit.

5. Don’t spam, it floods chat and it won’t make you rank up faster 

6. Your rank doesn't make you better than anyone else and gives you no right to abuse the color you've earned from being a long-time member If you're an OG, prove it. Set an example.

7.  Posting links/discussion about pornography/gore/child abuse/animal abuse, gambling sites/scams are not allowed.

8. Raiding: Organizing and participating in raids or other forms of harassment is not tolerated and you will be banned 

9. Staff members have the final say. Arguing, disrespecting or threatening any member of the staff team is strictly forbidden.


Thank you for being here and I can't wait to see where this community goes @everyone

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