Favicon Generator by 576x576 image


Quickly generate your favicon from an image by uploading your image below. Download your favicon in the most up to date formats.

Generates 'perfectly' resampled icons with sizes 192x192, 144x144, 96x96, 64x64, 48x48, 32x32 and 16x16 from a single 576x576 image.

It creates a PNG for each size and generates a Windows ICO file from selected image sizes.

It edits the images in linear RGB space so that it doesn't make the common mistake of doing color math in sRGB space which doesn't matter much in a megapixel photo with smooth color transitions but matters in a 16x16 icon with sharp color changes. (BTW: even Adobe Photoshop gets this wrong).

It uses 32-bit floating-point per channel so that it doesn't lose bit depth, which -again- Adobe Photoshop loses if you don't manually change bit depth to 16 bits per channel before you do anything to your image. Most users don't (know how to or why they should) do that.

Bonus: It also creates RGB subpixel-antialiased versions of each icon, so you can fully utilize that small 16x16 space you're given.

Favicon Checker Tool - here

What are Favicons?

Favicons are small 16x16 icon files that are displayed next to the URL of your site in a browser's address bar. Additionally, they're often displayed next to the name of your site in a user's list of open tabs and bookmark listings making it easier for the user to quickly identify amongst other sites.

What are App Icons?

App Icons are the images you press on your smartphone to launch an application. As newer phones are released with higher resolution screens, higher resolution app icons are needed. Developers still want to maintain support for the older phones with lower resolution so when you create an app icon you need to create several size variations of the same image. This is true for all smartphones like the iPhone and Android, and even tablets like iPad.

What does this tool do?

Although many modern web browsers support favicons saved as GIFs, PNGs, or other popular file formats all versions of Internet Explorer still require favicons to be saved as ICO files (a Microsoft icon format). This tool provides an easy way to convert any GIF, PNG, or JPEG to ICO which is supported by all modern web browsers. It also enables you to create favicons from scratch via a handy online editor. Additionally, the editor lets you manually tweak generated favicons to ensure the best possible result.

Using a favicon

After generating a favicon with this tool download and save to the root directory of your site. Then include the following code in the head of your HTML document.

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="/favicon.ico" type="image/x-icon">

<link rel="icon" href="/favicon.ico" type="image/x-icon">

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