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Free .htaccess File Generator

.Htaccess is a file that can be placed in any directory of your website (usually the root directory) to give Apache Web Server instructions such as how to respond to certain requests.

.htaccess Generator

Get that .htaccess file generated instantly!

Probably the easiest to use .htaccess generator in the world for over 7 years! Looking for a free SEO crawler to check for errors on your site? We also have that for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

What this tool can do

By selecting various options and defining the text created in the .htaccess file, you can quickly create a .htaccess file.

You can also extract hashed passwords for basic authentication (.htpasswd).

What is a .htaccess file?

File setup to manage HTTP server like Apache.

Settings like basic authentication, redirect, and error page can be set for each directory.

What is a .htpasswd file?

It is used to protect files, folders, or all websites using HTTP user authentication called BASIC authentication, and is done according to the rules defined in the .htaccess file.

User details are written in a single line per user, and each row contains a colon-separated username and password (:). Usernames are stored in plain text, but passwords are stored in a formula.

You can assign a password file to any name, but since Apache uses .htpasswd automatically with dot files (files starting with '.') Are usually hidden files, it is recommended to name the file as '.htpasswd'.

Common settings for .htaccess files:

Rewrite non-www to www / Remove www from URL

Redirect http / https

Redirect to file or index

Cache Javascript, CSS, or images

Setting the basic authenticity

Hotlink blocking setting

Custom error page layout (400, 404, 500, etc.)

Block or Enable IPs

Block bots

Change the default cursor page

Refuse to access. (dot)

Disable directory listing

Enable gzip

Rules and .htaccess file

.htaccess works with the current directory and all of its subfolders.

If the .htaccess file fails to work, 500 error is returned to the client. So please be careful when planning it. Before editing, it is recommended that you make a copy as a backup.

Use the "#" "front of the line you do not want to make to change the line to comment mode.

Used for

Creating a .htaccess when setting up a web server where you do not know how to type .htaccess



Using this .htaccess generator you can create rules to redirect indexes and files, define the locations of your default pages, and prevent people from linking to image files.

Fill in the options and press the "Generate" button to access your .htaccess file.

Then copy and paste the content into your .htaccess file.

Remember, this file must be at the root of your site

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