How to post on Instagram from laptop/PC: Fast & Easy


Learn how to quickly post on Instagram from your laptop or computer. This technique will help you easily share posts on Instagram using google chrome if you don’t have your mobile near you or you are working for your client and need to get things done fast.

How to post on Instagram from laptop/PC: Fast & Easy

You will use this technique and it works perfectly every time okay

  • Open Instagram on your Chrome browser 

  • Hit F12 in the KeyBoard

  • This will open the Google development console but don't be afraid of all these cold and technical stuff here.

  • Just click this mobile device and choose here Galaxy f5 you can choose another device it doesn't really matter 
  • The important step right now is to hit F5 to get them to get the mobile version of the Instagram to see the mobile version it will refresh the page 

and you will get this plus button down here if you don't refresh you won't able to see it so make sure that you refresh the page from here 

  • It's easy just click the plus button adds the image 
  • Click Next add some captions add some text over here and click share, 
  • Okay you can see our post over here after the post is successfully shared just 
  • Hit F12 again to leave a mobile version and hit F5 to refresh it to the desktop version 

This is it guys, Thanks

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