HTML to XML Parser (Converter)


HTML to XML Parser (Converter)

This online converter will convert your Google AdSense, Chitika, Adbrite, and any HTML code into XML coding which is compatible with the blogger templates.

HTML Table To XML Converter

HTML Table To XML Converter lets you convert HTML Table to XML online. Select an HTML file or Load HTML from a url or Enter HTML Table data and convert it to XML. Beautify HTML, XML and download converted XML data to your device.

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How can I convert HTML to XML?

First, you need to add a file for conversion: drag and drop your HTML file or click the "Choose File" button. Then click the "Convert" button. When HTML to XML conversion is completed, you can download your XML file.

How long does it take to convert HTML to XML?

Document conversion is pretty fast. You can change HTML to XML in a few seconds.

Is it safe to convert HTML to XML on AnyConv?

Of course! We delete uploaded files immediately and converted ones after 24 hours. No one has access to your files. File conversion (including HTML to XML) is absolutely safe.

Can I convert HTML to XML on Mac OS or Linux?

Yes, you can use AnyConv on any operating system that has a web browser. Our HTML to XML converter works online and does not require software installation.

How to convert HTML files to XML online?

Step 1.

Upload HTML-file

Click the "Choose File" button to select an HTML file on your computer. HTML file size can be up to 50 Mb.

Step 2.

Convert HTML to XML

Click the "Convert" button to start conversion.

Step 3.

Download your XML

When the conversion process is complete, you can download the XML file.

HTML – is a special format associated with web pages, which were developed using the appropriate markup language. A lot of pages are linked by links form websites. Files with a similar extension are modified by text editors since they are a standard text document. However, to avoid incorrect display it is recommended to use specialized software, for example, Adobe Dreamweaver. All modern browsers allow you to open HTML files, but the source code is not displayed by default. It can be viewed in the web browser menu by selecting the "View source" category or using a text editor. Files with the HTML extension include text content and links in the form of text to external objects, for example, a picture inside an article.

The HTML language was created by T. Berners-Lee for the exchange of scientific and technical information by people who do not have in-depth knowledge in the field of imposition. It is based on the use of multiple tags, enclosed in angle brackets. Modern browsers easily interpret the HTML4 language by providing the user with formatted text. Now there is a fifth version with the DOM specification (formerly SGML).


XML is a file format that holds a markup language. Both humans and machines can access this file format. It is designed to store data. Here one can use languages independently and can set his own tag. It is portable enough and has enough vendor independence, which has introduced this format as a user-friendly format and made this format very popular on the online platform. XML is very important, like HTML.

Every XML file owns a root structure by which users can set their own tags. Every single XML file begins with XML declaration. XML declaration has its version name and encoding of that specific file. After that, a base element called the root element is defined. The root element may have child elements. All tags have their own ending tag. XML files may carry comments, entity references, and attributes. Applications can read the values and display the users want.

This Adsense Parser / escape Online tool is Very Cool. Instead of Manually parsing AdSense code, you can easily convert any HTML code to XML format. This tool is a very easy and accurate escape tool which is hassle-free parse any HTML code. How To use? when you enter HTML code into the above box parse code will be generated automatically just copy and paste this code to your blogger use.

Adsense parser will make the Google AdSense, Chitika, Infolinks, Adbrite, ads for Indian ad code converted to Encoded HTML code for adding in your blogger templates. Blogger templates don't allow HTML code into XML templates so this tool is very important for every blogger user.

This online converter will convert your Google AdSense, Chitika, Adbrite, and any HTML code into XML coding which is compatible with the blogger templates

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