jQuery Quickstart Code Snippet Grabber


About jQuery Quickstart Code Snippet

This is a free online page to grab a jQuery quickstart code. It is just for copy and pastes in a javascript or HTML file where you want to add jQuery library.

Why is this needed?

The purpose of this page is to provide a quickstart snippet for irregular jQuery developers. It is usually difficult to remember the URL and starting syntax. I use it a lot of times to develop more tools for this project itself.

Where Can I run it?

You can run it in an online javascript editor like jsfiddle and other free Javascript editors.

How to use jQuery Plugin snippet?

This snippet can be used to write a jquery plugin from scratch. Follow the below steps to get this working.

Enter the name of the plugin function in the plugin name text box. This will automatically change the code snippet.

Copy the code snippet and save it in a .js file.

Include this .js file in your HTML page after jQuery include.

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