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Why Are Video Titles Important?

Your YouTube video title is the first thing that people see when they search Google or YouTube for a video. While they may see the thumbnail image as well, the title will tell them exactly what the video is about. What you include in your video title could be the difference between people clicking on your video or clicking on a competitor of yours.


Great video titles include the SEO keyword that you are trying to rank for. No matter what keyword research tool you use, you want to make sure that you find a keyword that both represents the topic of your YouTube channel and is relatively easy to rank for. Since YouTube is owned by Google, the ranking algorithms for YouTube are fairly similar to Google search.

Video Title Length

The best YouTube video titles are less 70 characters long. While YouTube will allow video titles to be up to 100 characters, most search engines will truncate your title after 70 characters.

How to Create Great YouTube Video Titles

While what makes a great YouTube title varies from category to category, there are four common themes that make great YouTube titles. Our generator above will generate titles following these guidelines, but you may need to tweak them to meet your needs.

Use SEO keywords in the video title

As mentioned above, YouTube search works very similar to Google search since it is owned by Google. YouTube video results rely heavily on SEO as a result so you want to make sure that your video title is written to incorporate key SEO ranking factors. For one, you want to include highly searched keywords with low competition. Additionally, you should make sure that it includes a hook. Read more about what makes a great SEO title here. You can also use our headline analyzer to see how you can improve the SEO potential of your video title.

Keep your title short and to the point

As YouTube’s title length is limited to 100 characters, a clear and concise title will do your video wonders. You don’t need to include unnecessary information like episode number or your channel name in the title unless you have sufficient space. Save this for your description or let YouTube show your channel name when the user loads your video. Use our word counter to make sure that you stay under this limit.

What is the free online YouTube video title generator?

Coming up with catchy titles for viral YouTube videos can be challenging.

You want video title that people want to click on, but you can run out of ideas very quickly.

This is where our free online tool "video title generator" comes in.

How does the online YouTube video title generator work?

Input your video topic in the text box


A number of clickbait YouTube title suggestions will be shown

It will also show the amount of characters that a title is long (X chars)

To prevent video title truncation (for more views) click on 'is truncated?'.

This will open the character counter to fiddle with the title and see the length.

For more results, click "GENERATE" again

Some tips for the video title generator

try also plurals

try related topics/keywords or synonyms. "Shop" is also known as "store"

try also contrasting terms, for example: if your video is about music, try "silence".

YouTube Video Title Generator.


There are two ways to create a video title. The first is that you type your own title or create a title that the YouTube community and creators are using. That is, if you make the title in the way that everyone is using Already, then the subscribers and viewers are familiar of such titles, and they quickly understand that, there is a lot of chance that they click on your video.

How will you decide to use what type of title on your YouTube video? For this, you will have to watch and learn the titles of several videos many times. And, thereafter, you will have to make a similar title. Only then, your videos will be shown in the suggestion with the videos of other YouTubers. This will make your video viral, and you get lots of views on that. But to watch the old videos and learn their titles is a very tough task. That's why this YouTube title generator is a must-use tool. It will generate the titles of top 8 videos and along with an editor below. You just need to copy those title which is related to your video. For example, if you copy four titles, then all of them will come into the editor. watch them carefully and remove all those words which do not match with your video. Doing this, part by part, make a strong and powerful title for your video.

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